Channel Move

We're moving all future Anything Tech content back to the tkell97 channel
Tom explains the idea in the following page:

This would be to better consolidate the audience and to better focus on the content produced by me, as the producer of all Anything Tech videos and the presenter of many of them.

Why do you feel the need to move channels - again?
  • Anything Tech has always had a limited amount of resources devoted to it. Over the years the team has developed differing interests and there is limited time to devote to the channel, especially considering the nature of the content production - a hobby.
  • I have always been the many producer on the channel following the first ever video. The move to a new channel was driven partially by potential opportunities with new members, Alex and Simran, with the expectation that content would be produced by different members. This did not materialise as expected.
  • In order to devote more time personally to the channel, and to help build a better connection with viewers, moving future content to tkell97 would mean that content becomes more associated with myself and therefore the viewership will expect content from me.
Does this mean that you will essentially be the only team member?
  • Potentially, but I hope that others will still help to produce and present content in the future. I plan to keep the other team members for the foreseeable future as they are still open to featuring in videos.
  • Our most popular videos are presented by Sam, so I do feel that other presenters are very worthwhile. 
What about social media and interaction?
  • I use social media much more, and has a greater influence than any other team member, allowing content to spread more widely and more audience interaction to occur.
  • Not enough people know that most Anything Tech videos involve me. By having content on my personal channel, I will be able to better market and share content on my social media profiles without the worry that people will think that I promote another channel too much. 
What will happen to the channel and videos?
  • The channel will remain on YouTube, most likely with these videos:
    • Dell U2412M Monitor and Dell AX510 Soundbar Unboxing (Tom's PC / Hackintosh Build Extra)
    • Teamviewer Review - Access your PC/Mac from your iPad/iPhone/Android Device
    • My iPhone Apps
    • Panasonic HDC-TM60 Review
    • Panasonic HDC-TM60 Unboxing
    • TRAILER: Panasonic HDC-TM60 Unboxing and Review
    • Sony Vaio X series Review
    • Anything Tech - Sombrero Review!
  • All other videos would be reuploaded to tkell97, including my computer build series. 
  • A video would be uploaded redirecting channel visitors to tkell97, through the use of the 'channel trailer' spot on YouTube. 
  • An explanation of the reasons for the move (as explained on this page) and what content to expect would potentially be uploaded on tkell97.
Who owns Anything Tech? What about the website and accounts? What will happen to them?
  • I do. This Google Site and all associated social media accounts are currently operated solely by myself.
  • The Twitter account and Facebook Page will remain for the meantime to post any new content and updates. However, I would recommend you follow me on Twitter to avoid missing anything. 
  • The domain is registered in the name of a family member. It is currently paid for until 2017, when I will decide whether to renew it. The site will continue to be updated as necessary, may be integrated into my new site, or otherwise.
So does this mean the Anything Tech 'brand' will remain?
  • At least until 2017, as the website is paid for until then. I think that it is a good name and will help differentiate the personal and technology related videos on my channel.
  • A YouTube playlist will be created with all Anything Tech branded videos added to it. This would be added to both the existing and new channels, making it easy to find Anything Tech videos.
What if I do not want to watch trains!?
  • I know that trains are a very niche audience, which is why I moved train videos to ttrains65 last year. 
  • I do not plan to move any directly train related video back to tkell97 as I feel that there is a specific audience who are interesting in videos of this type, and look for this specifically. This is because there is no connection with the content creator, as there is no presenter.
  • Some train related videos may be uploaded to tkell97 as I know many people who are also interested in them. However, these will be of a 'lifestyle' nature, for example when I next attempt the Tube Challenge, including me and others as the focus as opposed to the trains themselves.
Or personal videos?!
  • YouTube has far more 'mixed content' creators, particularly in the technology and gaming genres, compared to 2010, when the channels were split. This is evident from the way that long running tech shows such as Tekzilla have ended, whilst others have changed form and many creators also post vlogs and other videos on the same channel. As technology is still my main interest, many videos will still be tech related even if not branded as Anything Tech. 
  • Other videos will be easy to distinguish, whilst playlists will clearly differentiate between types of video.

TL;DR: I plan to leave some videos on Anything Tech, anything new will be on tkell97. No train videos unless lifestyle related. Playlists to easily differentiate between them.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Tweet me @TheTomKell or visit my website for other contact methods.